Tourism translations services includes:

  • translations relating to leisure activities
  • translations relating to holidays
  • translations relating to sports
  • translations relating to tourist attractions
  • translations relating to holiday accommodation
  • and so on

The language used in tourism might lead one to believe that it is less technical than other fields. However, tourist documents have to be accurately translated. Actually, the terms used in the field of tourism have their own specific technical nature.

Therefore, it is important for the translator to be an expert in the field in which he is translating.

Whether in the source language or in his/her mother tongue, it is essential for the translator to have a full grasp of: seasonality, tourist terms, tourist spots and expressions which attract and appeal to holidaymakers…

Furthermore, it is very easy to notice that when someone tackles a subject of which they do not have a full grasp, terms get mixed up and descriptions are muddled.

So, it is important for a translation on the subject of tourism to be handled by a translator who has full mastery of this topic, it being his preferred field.

This is why we select our translators based not only on their experience but above all on their field of expertise.

Numerous tourist boards (Tourist Offices, Departmental Tourist Boards, Regional Tourist Boards, etc.) and large advertising corporations put their trust in our translation services for the high quality and speed with which we work.

We offer you:

  • translation of theme-based websites
  • translation of tourist guides
  • translation of presentation booklets
  • translation of tourist accommodation catalogues
  • translation of brochures
  • translation of restaurant menus
  • translation of service descriptions
  • and so on.

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