A sworn translator is authorised by the government to translate documents and certify that his/her translations are true copies of the originals. A sworn translator or official translator does not have any more qualifications than any other translator; he is simply accredited by the government.

To sign his work, a sworn translator puts his stamp on the original documents as well as the translations.

Hence, a sworn translation is an official translation, certified as true to the original by government departments and authorities.

Sworn translations thus require considerably more turnaround time than unofficial translations, as it is an official document which must bear a stamp.

Sworn translations or “certified translations” are documents for government departments which need official translation. These types of translation are mainly required for official documents, such as:

  • translation of birth certificates
  • translation of marriage certificates
  • translation of identity papers, identity cards
  • translation of diplomas, marks
  • translation of deeds drawn up by solicitors
  • translation of judgements
  • translation of official notifications
  • translation of wills
  • translation of bills of sale
  • translation of memorandum and articles of association
  • translation of attestations of employment
  • translation of driving licences
  • translation of passports
  • translation of adoption files
  • translation of police records
  • and so on.

Legalised translations have state certification (embassy or consulate) when no mutual recognition agreements for sworn translations exist between two countries. The Hague Convention or Apostille Convention enable you to consult a list of the signatory countries.


Depending on each particular case, your translation will then have to be legalised or receive an apostille certificate.

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